Cookie Statement



Version March 31, 2022


EsQualo uses cookies when you visit our webshop. We would like to tell you what cookies are and what cookies we use.  



Cookies are simple, small text files that are sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Almost all online shops use cookies and other techniques (Javascript) to make the website more user-friendly and customer-friendly.  


Because EsQualo uses cookies, we can ensure that: 

- You do not have to enter the same information every time you visit our website, such as your login details, or receive the same information. 

- We can remember your previously viewed items, wish list and shopping basket. 

- We can measure the use of the website, and thus improve the website where necessary. 

- We can recognise which device you are using when you visit the website and display it correctly. 

- Show you advertisements and recommendations based on your interests. 

- We can measure how interesting you find the advertisement so that we don't show you the same advertisement over and over again. 

Cookies are also used to share information via the social media buttons on EsQualo's website.  



Functional/necessary cookies

Functional or necessary cookies are needed for the website to function properly. Think of logging in for your account, your wishlist and remembering your shopping bag.  


Analytical cookies 

Analytical cookies enable us to analyse the use of the website with the help of third parties (e.g. Google Analytics). It gives us insight into how often and how the website is visited. This enables us to make the website more user- and customer-friendly.  


Marketing/tracking cookies 

We place marketing and tracking cookies so that we can make you relevant offers based on your online surfing, searching and purchasing behaviour. Such as personalised offers through Google partner sites and on Social Media. We also use these cookies to measure whether you have seen the advertisement.  


Advertising cookies 

Like the marketing/tracking cookies, we use advertising cookies to show you relevant ads based on your online surfing, searching and buying behaviour. They enable us to know whether you have seen the advertisement, whether you clicked on it and whether you actually bought something as a result. By measuring this, we can show you more relevant ads based on your interests next time.  



Accepting cookies is necessary for you to properly use our website. You can accept cookies by accepting the cookie message you see on your first visit. 



If you don't want us to store cookies on your computer or mobile device, you can change your browser settings. However, you will need to adjust this separately for each browser (e.g. Google, Internet Explorer) and device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) you use.  


Please note! If you change your settings and do not accept cookies, the website may not work as well as it should. Also, not accepting cookies does not mean you will no longer see any advertisements. It's just that the ads you see will no longer be based on your interests and will be shown to you more often. Also, your preferences will no longer be remembered and you will constantly have to re-type your settings (e.g. login name and password). 

Cookies already stored can also be deleted. You will need to do this for each browser you use. How to adjust your settings and/or delete cookies may vary from one browser to another: 


- Google Chrome

- Internet Explorer

- Edge browser

- Firefox browser

- Safari web browser

- Safari (IOS)

Or for specific parties via 


In the privacy statement of EsQualo you can read how we treat your data. EsQualo respects the privacy of its users and we treat your information confidentially. Your information is used to process your order as optimally as possible. EsQualo will never give your personal information to third parties if these third parties want to use it for their own commercial purposes. As a consumer you have the right to inspect, change and delete your personal data.  



We amend our cookie statement when our website or the legislation surrounding cookies changes. Each change can be found on this page. To stay up to date with the current cookie statement, we recommend that you visit this page regularly.